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Terms & Conditions
1. All dog(s) brought for boarding must present with an up to date vaccination record. We are obliged to ensure that all boarders are completely up to date on annual boosters. Our inspecting veterinary practice also strongly recommends that kennel cough vaccination be given prior to your dog(s) stay in kennels.
2. We must strictly adhere to the posted reception hours for drop off & collection of dog(s) 8.30-10am or 4.30-6pm only.
3. Bookings that are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice may be subject to a £25 cancellation fee.
4. ‘No shows’ or cancellations made on the expected day of arrival may be invoiced for the full amount of the original booking.
5. All fees are to be paid upon collection of your dog(s).
6. Customers with outstanding unpaid invoices will be refused future bookings until such time that the account is settled in full.